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The MARS IN THE COMMUNITY programme supports projects and activities, which promote the development of cohesive, healthy and sustainable communities in and around our UK sites.
Who can apply ?
Local charities, community groups, or regional branches of national charities within a 10 mile radius of Slough or Melton, or 15 miles of Birstall (Leeds), King's Lynn and Waltham.
Projects that can demonstrate clear objectives, measurable outcomes and impacts.
Peterborough grants
The Peterborough grants scheme has come to an end. Mars Petcare is proud to have worked in Partnership with Cambridgeshire Community Foundation over a number of years, distributing over £35,000, benefiting over 15,000 people leaving a lasting legacy in the local community in Peterborough.
Unfortunately we cannot support any of the following :
  • - Projects which fall outside the stated criteria
  • - National charities (unless local branches of national charities)
  • - Individuals or charitable appeals for individuals
  • - Third party fundraising – i.e. organisations or individuals fundraising for others
  • - Parties or celebration events
  • - Exclusive religious groups
  • - Pressure groups, political organisations or causes
  • - Overseas causes
  • - Expeditions, overseas travels or residential trips
  • - Commercial sponsorship
  • - Organisations with which association may be potentially
  • harmful to the Mars businesses
Apply for funding
To apply for funding for your project, please click on the button below.

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