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Mars in Slough get ready for the volunteer focus month!
1st - 30th June 2011

Mars in Slough will be hosting a second Mars Volunteer Programme (MVP) focus month this year from the 1st to 30th June 2011. The focus month will not only raise awareness of our programmes, but give associates the opportunity to participate during a focused timeframe.

Project Overview:

Our overall Mars in the Community programme is an integral part of our business strategy. MVP is one part of this programme, which provides opportunities for employees to reflect the values and principles of Mars, inspiring them to give back to local causes and gain a sense of pride for our business and the communities, which it supports.

Background Information:

In 2009 the site had its first ever volunteer focus event, which took place over the course on one week. The week was a huge success and over 300 associates across the site signed up to volunteer during the week!

A major learning from the focus week was that a single week did not give enough time for people to participate, with logistics for the charities and organisers proving difficult. The focus event for 2010 was increased to a whole month for the Slough site, which saw 48% of Slough associates volunteer their time.

Project Details:

The target for the full year 2011 is 50% of Slough employees volunteering – this represents an increase from our 2010 levels.

Employees will participate in a number of activities and will be supporting the following local projects through June:

Berkshire East & South Bucks Women’s Aid
Cippenham Primary School
East Berkshire Education Business Partnership
Eton Wick Primary School
Godolphin Junior School
Groundwork Thames Valley
National Trust
St. Lukes Primary School

Volunteering is supported all year round at Mars, and teams have also committed to giving their time before and after our focus event.

How we aim to achieve our target:

Led by Corporate Affairs, we aim to deliver a successful project by recruiting ‘Community Champions’ from different areas of the business, who’s roles are to engage their teams and encourage participation. This invaluable support will make a huge contribution towards the business’ 50% volunteer target.

We will also use Groundwork Thames Valley to facilitate some of the more creative outdoor projects.

This period will also allow Corporate Affairs to raise awareness of the other elements of Mars in the Community and promote other community initiatives planned for 2011.

Look out for the results at the end of July!

Anita Herbert
Project Leader

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