Success story

Drifters Rugby Club, Berkshire

About the group

This is a thriving, successful and friendly Rugby Club on the Buckinghamshire/Berkshire borders. They have a mini-section with children from 5-12 years of age taking part.

What the project was supposted to do

The group applied for funding for “Project Keep Dry”. Training lasts for 1 ½ hours, and tournaments for 4 hours or more, and they go ahead whatever the weather. They therefore requested some funding to buy tents for their children’s teams, so that they could keep dry between matches, and also have somewhere that younger siblings could wait.

What the project did

The grant was used to buy a number of tents which were large enough to house the whole team. They are also easy to erect and stable in bad weather.

“It’s a brilliant initiative. This sort of venture helps us keep and attract children to our club. At Drifters Rugby club children get fit and they learn respect for authority and they develop as part of a team”

Malcolm Brady – Drifters Rugby Club

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