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The Sick Children’s Trust, Leeds

About the group

A Centre of Excellence in child health care has been created at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). This has involved the transfer of many of the services from nearby St James’ Hospital. As a result, a special ‘Home from Home’ has been created with 22 bedrooms. These are specially designed for families with children being treated for serious illnesses at the LGI.

What the grant was supposed to do

The new 'Home from Home' will be able to help up to 1,100 families every year and is provided completely free of charge. Having family members close by really helps the sick child recover more quickly, and reduces anxiety and stress for the family.

What the grant did

Mars have been a supporter of the former Eckersley House home at St James’ Hospital and were delighted to be able to continue their support with the new home. Their £1,000 grant has been used to provide soft furnishings in the main room used by families to relax, as can be seen in the picture above.

The Robinson family are one of the first to have benefited from the new home, staying for 34 nights when their six-month son Luke needed treatment on the cardiac ward. Whilst mum Adele stayed on the ward for much of the time, Luke’s dad Neil and brother Leo were able to be very close by. “Eckersley House was a godsend. We could maintain a semblance of routine for our eldest son – we all woke together, ate together and could unwind on comfy sofas. Leo could run around and play and make noise like a normal toddler. These are all simple things but, when your family is going through such a stressful and emotional situation, they are the things that help you keep it together for your sick child.”

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