Success story

Bramley Elderly Action, Leeds

About the group

There are over 110,000 people in Leeds over the age of 65. Many live on their own or have problems with health and mobility which leads to feelings of isolation and depression. 24,000 of them live in households without central heating and many elderly people have to choose between heat or eat – a terrible choice for a vulnerable person.

In Bramley there are three estates that have been ranked amongst the 10% most deprived areas in the whole country. Locally based charity, Bramley Elderly Action are at the forefront of social care for older people. Established in 1994, they are a much loved organisation with over 1200 members and 150 committed volunteers!

What the grant was supposed to do
    They offer a broad range of activities with a social focus including:
  • A community shop (selling second hand clothes and rummage sales). The shop helps them to become sustainable.
  • Advocacy and information
  • A newsletter with community information and updates
  • Invitations to community days, events, projects, courses and social events.
  • Preventative health activities (Thai Chi, walking groups)
  • Fundraising events
  • Market Town trips
  • Monthly Tea dances
  • Christmas Fayres

  • Staff outside the BEA Community Shop

    What the grant did

    Mars donated £500 to support their work and, in particular, their new temporary premises in Bramley Shopping Centre. This was used as both a drop-in and to run their Saturday morning “rummage sales”. Their Community Shop is currently taking in the region of £100 a day as well as helping BEA to get their message out to more local older people.

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