Success story

Mars Food’s festive fun for Kids Company

December 2012

The kids company in London was the focus of the Food volunteering event in December. Eighty associates from Waltham split in to two teams and spent a day helping the charity at a big, multi-cultural London school with 500 pupils aged from 4-11. The activities included cooking and art workshops and Christmas parties. A new cooker and microwave were donated by Mars Food to ensure the children will have a hot breakfast during the winter. Another group of associates decorated a therapy room for children who are experiencing problems at home or who are victims of abuse can find a calm environment. Another team was out and about fundraising in the Chigwell and Epping areas packing shoppers’ bags in supermarkets and fundraising at the same time, raising money for the charity Plate Pledge appeal. Mars Food donated Uncle Ben’s, Domino and Seeds of change products providing over 10,000 meals. “Everyday children who don’t have anything to eat at home come to our centres” said Camila Batmangheligjh CEO and founder of Kids Company. “There is a silent epidemic of childhood hunger and malnutrition and children don’t have a public voice. We have a collective responsibility to change children’s future for the better.”It was hearing this that made Mars Food associates decide to get involved and work with the charity. “We were keen to help the charity through our events and fundraising as well by donating some of our products to help the Plate Pledge appeal,” said Angie Phillips. The Kids Company Plate Pledge appeal was launched in April 2012. The charity’s supporters donate £2 or more to feed a child – which provides two meals.

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